frequently asked questions


How do I know if you can deliver modules to my site?
Can Method Homes meet the requirements for building homes in Canada?
How much work has to be done once the modules arrive on site?
Are Method homes feasible in areas with high snow load requirements?


Can Method build a home to meet LEED, Energy Star, Passive House, Built Green, Living Building Challenge, or other environmental standards?
How sustainable is a prefab home compared to a site-built home?
How healthy is a Method home?


How much does a prefab home cost compared to a site-built home?
How much is a Method home?
How much will I save in going prefab with Method Homes?
What portion of the total cost does the pdf price represent? What additional costs may be incurred?
How much does it cost to transport a home to my location?
If my home is already designed, why do I have to pay for an architect?
Will you sell your house plans?
What is included inside the prefab portion of the home? Are appliances included?


Do I need a separate contractor for the site-related portions of construction?
Does Method build custom prefab homes?
How do I buy a Method home?
Can Method design homes to withstand extreme structural conditions such as earthquake, snow, and hurricane wind loads?
If I have plans from an architect, can Method build my home from those plans?
How long does it take to build a prefab home?


What is Method Contracting?

service area

Where is the Method factory?
Where can you deliver homes?


Are these manufactured homes?
How is Method Homes different from other prefab companies?
What type of warranty comes with your homes?
How do I order a garage?
Do you customize your designs?
Does factory — prefab — construction offer a quality advantage over site-built construction?
My HOA has rules against modular homes. Can I build a Method home?

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