Seed Classroom

Method is partnered as the modular builder for The SEED Collaborative, an organization committed to bringing sustainably restorative, inspirational learning spaces to students around the world. The SEED Classroom is the collaborative’s first endeavor.



SEED is a modular classroom designed and built to meet the 20 imperatives of Living Building Challenge. Each SEED Classroom houses all of the systems the classroom needs to be self-sustaining. Materials and systems are left exposed to teach students how the building works. Each classroom comes with a curriculum package, developed in partnership with the International Living Future Institute, that allows the building to become a living laboratory for its students.

  • Model: SEED Classroom
  • Architect: Stacy Smedley
  • Square Footage: 896
  • Location: Seattle, Washington


  • Net-Zero water
  • Net-Zero energy
  • LBC Materials Redlist compliant
  • Triple glazed windows
  • Rainwater reuse and treatment
  • Solar PV Array
  • Greywater system
  • 8ft tall edible living wall
  • Composting toilet
  • Reclaimed materials
  • Hand pump operated sink
  • Integrated curriculum and Users handbook for teachers and students
  • Super insulated building envelope

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